Steel Frame Roll Forming Machines

Due to the short of timber after the covid, steel frame had been very popular.

Short of timber frame

Builders are seeing increasing material shortages and expressing fears about higher costs and project being out of control.

Now more builders are switching to steel frames in order not to delay their projects.

Record high Sea rates

Before the pandemic, a 40 foot container from main china port to major eastern australia port is something between 1000USD-2000USD, sometimes in the first half of year, price goes down to 500USD.

However, now it turned to be around 8000USD which makes the freight cost record high, and many importers find it impossible to bring building materials into australia like what they used to do for many years.

Optional Solution – Invest in Australian manufacturing capability

Due to the above reasons, i also changed my business model. With over 10 years experiences in steel framing industry, i have spent most of my career exporting kit houses to australia,new zealand, PNG, and many pacific island countries. Screwing frames on the factory ground floor, learning framecad/vertex detailing software, deeply understanding all materials used in a building envelope including each different screw, sending site engineers to various countries to help with erection.

Now i have to say the time is over, and the trend is to invest in Australian manufacturing, we can now help local businessman/builder to set up rollforming factories from factory layout, starter rollforming machine selections per your needs, AS1397 G550 steel coils supply, to engineering design & detailing of steel frames.

You should start with minimum risk & cost, but work with the best possible consultant who is reliable.

With our help, you dont need to have much in house staff, all the problems and headaches are already solved by our team, what you need to do is to focus on the manufacturing and local networking.

China RollForming machines

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