Consulting firm for prefabricated building

When you had your land secured, and intended to build your own project.

It’s always recommended to invest valuable time and get to learn if your project is suitable or not to go with prefabricated building.

You need to understand the advantages & constraints for prefabricated building.

Also find out if the application of prefabricated building suits your project.

If prefabricated building is suitable, then get familiar with project stage for prefabricated building

Consulting firm is very important if you are not experienced with prefabricated building, invest time & cost and you will benefit a lot in the coming project life.

A general consultant is required if you are not good with building project work flow, or you can read all our articles and deal directly with each consultant on your own behalf  for each stage.

Normally following consulting firms you are expected to meet:

  • General consultant: An expert who had experiences with prefabricated building, or this can be one of the following consultant
  • Architect (from start to end, a good design is key to success)
  • Passive design engineer(if you need to enable passive design for you sustainable house)
  • Structural engineer (this can be related to architect)
  • Builder/General contractor (Half way to great success)
  • Project manager (that can be yourself, builder or anyone you can trust)

The above mentioned consultants might be required at each of your project stage for prefabricated building.


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