With 10+ years knowledge in the Prefab steel building supply and china building/manufacturing industry, SMARTEC BUILDING  is proud to offer you competitive kit homes and panelised/modular houses to suit your growing project needs. 

        Working with great suppliers like bluescope, baosteel, Boral, Tyvek, BNBM ensure your house is quality warranted.

        Smart Houses had been shipped worldwide and the houses can meet multi-country standards such as Australian standards, international standards and china standards.

        In-house architect/engineer/project manager will help you find our the best way to make your dream house delivered in time and affordable. 

        We can provide kit form homes for home owner builder or prefabricated houses which most of the walls/trusses/floors are pre-assembled in our factory and shipped via containers.

        Great attention are paid to listen to your needs and requirements.

Smartec Vision

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