About Us

Smartec Building Limited have been founded as a business to help overseas clients to build their projects in a better controlled way.

With 10+ Years in the prefab housing industry. We have managed to help many projects big and small mainly the pacific regions around Australia and also worldwide.

No matter what project scale you have, talk to us and exchange your thought and benefit from our years of experiences.

Our Business Scope:

We can help provide total turnkey solutions from design, manufacture, construction, and furnishing.

We are also happy to get involved as a design/project/ consulting partner based in china to help you land your project with solid support.

We have accumulated experience in engineering design and consulting services in all divisions of the steel building industry.

Complete building design

Total project supply

Project management & QC

Associated manufacturing facility all over china


Building Product Design and manufacture

Building System Design and manufacture

Established export sales and distribution network

Overseas machine rental/roll forming factory set up

Joint venture island roll forming factory

Design Team

We have established a unique team of design staff that are proficient in the design and production of our building system. Our key staff members have been highly trained and have experience in all aspects of housing industry. The team are capable of completing total design, supply, project management and construction.

Manufacturing Facility

Our associated manufacturing plant & equipment has been specifically designed and manufactured to provide our unique and high quality profiles. We manufacture our complete range of products providing total quality control. Our associated factory is all around china and they carry out orders as requested per our CSV/XML/RFD production data file via industry manufacturing interface.