Melbourne New Townhouse Development With Steel Frames

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This is a new project of smartec building, 2 storey townhouse developments, located in Macleod, Melbourne, 5 units.

The builder comes to us with an interest to build the townhouse within budget and with steel frame as the traditional timber frame building takes much longer time and hard to control.

We meet with the client and presented what we can do including staircases, they are very interested. We finally agreed the work scope of SMARTEC BUILDING:

  • Smartec to design & supply light gauge steel frame and certified by Australian local engineer(wall frame, floor joist, roof trusses, staircase)
  • Smartec to detail & supply structure steel as per approved design
  • Smartec to assist in purchasing windows and kitchen cabinets from smartec associated supplier (Smartec will charge 5-10% on top as consulting fee, the fee is to make sure that products are matching australian quality and will fit with all steel frame and inspection of products before shipping)

Based on the scope of work, We would provide below docs related to our builder/owner/developer client:
1. CostProposal (Quote for steel frame only)

2. Quote for other materials like windows & kitchen cabinets

3. Steel frame Approved drawings(As there are too many files for steel frame, we would send via dropbox link.

A 3d walkthrough drawings are also available as a easy guide.

As you can view with the 3d walkthrough drawings, all you can see will 100% be what you will receive on site with minimum errors and the site frame job can be put up much faster and easier than timber frame without skilled carpenters.

We will keep improving on our side to make sure you have less work on the job site.

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