Strip footings, Slab foundation, elevated floor system are all ok to be used for our smartec building system
We can send our technicians to help you guide how to build the houses at extra cost. Normally with our installation mannual and detailed erection drawings your local builder can easily build it up.
Yes , please provide us your wind loads and we will engineer you building with the loads input that can be certified by your structural engineer.
Termites doesnt bite steel.
Mold is everywhere in the air, but it will only grow where there is moisture & organic stuff. Steel is not organic base for mold to grow. However all timber made products would grow mold.
Smartec Building system are designed and engineered up to 50 years standard as permanent house.
Please talk to our expert and understand your needs, we will have different tools to work with you depending on your project stage and type.
For different building system, they have slight differences, Generally there is not too much difference with other building method. A good cordless screw driver is probably the most frequently used tool. We will also provide you tool list when we hand over all documents.
House, villa, low-rise apartment, boutique hotel, B&B house, warehouse, sheds.
You can come to us with your concept drawings or even ideas, our architect/engineer team would guide you through drawings development to final shop drawings, Budget/Quote/Proposal/Contract would be prepared at different stage for different system.
Smarthouse: please refer to smart house pages Custom House project: Above foundation, standard scope is all materials to lock up stage, others are optional
Any finishes you can imagine is feasible.
No worries, Leave it to the expert, Smartec Building System can design/engineer your house to meet your performances requirements per your building codes.
We are based in shanghai, china where we have established supplychain of great products. Smartec team is well experienced in building design and management, with good understanding of china manufacturing industry and also the market need & building culture, we are confident to deliver you the most affordable house peace of mind.