Steel Strap Bracing 32×1.2mm

Steel strap bracing 32mm wide rolls, 1.2mm thickness

Galvanised steel strap bracing also called as hoop iron, is widely used in PEB warehouse, steel shed, residential & commercial buildings for lateral bracing purposes.

Smartec Strap bracing comes in 50 meters per roll, which is approx. 15kg and very easy to carry by hand even working on the height.

The steel grade can range G300-G500, and thickness from 0.75~1.2mm upon your engineering requirements.

It can be used for wall/floor/roof bracing or to hold down floor joists/trusses to brick or walls.

135 rolls per pallet, and each pallet is around 2000kgs for easy forklift operation.

Custom length, pre punched holes are also available to custom order.