Choose the right supplier for prefabricated building

When you have your land secured, get to understand if you need to go with prefabricated building.

Talk to the right expert/consultant/supplier/builder is very helpful along with your project trip, good ones can save you time & cost, others might end you up with a lot of headache.

Let’s talk about how to choose the right supplier for prefabricated building.

Dont forget the scope of work with your supplier, generally you will have to deal with architect/engineers/suppliers/builders/council for your building project,

all of them are important and might cause your money loss and schedule delayed.


At each of your prefabricated building project stage, you need to know what would be expected:


Phase 1. Feasibility Study & Concept Design

  • Obtain the client’s brief and other requirements(Collect & fill project basic information) – by local architect or smartec

  • Provide rough budget if possible get to understand client’s budget

  • Attendance of Tel-conference meeting if required

  • A Fee is required if concept design is required to be done by smartec

  • Sketch design drawings to explain the function and shape(Revit, sketchup, AutoCAD)

  • Approval from client to proceed to next stage

Phase 2. Developed Design & Construction Docs

  • Develop the approved sketch design into a final design solution with drawings and details

  • Review final design against the budget and prepare for Formal Quote/estimates.

  • Involve engineer to prepare for engineering drawings for approval and signing off

  • Standard Housing package supply contract, cost proposal

  • Approval from client / drawings signing off by local engineer.

Phase 3. Production & Fabrication

  • Kick off meeting to start the project meeting

  • Project schedule indicating detailing, production, procurement, fabrication and packing timeline

  • Prepare for Container/Truck loading & packing plan

  • Handover all documents & drawings

Phase 4. Shipping & Construction

  • Book ship space

  • Both end Custom clearance document (packing list & invoice, bill of lading, etc.)

  • Optional site engineer service at extra cost

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