Project stage of prefabricated building

Once you learnt the advantage of prefabricated building,  you need to understand how to proceed if you decide to go with prefabricated building,

Get to know the right project stage is important as it would help you gain easier understanding of where you are and what you need at that moment.

Talk to prefabricated consultants and try to collect questions to finally try to get a quote at the right stage.

You can follow this Smart Quote form to prepare all you need to get a quote

Project Development Stage


Phase 1 Feasibility Study


Concept Design

Find out if the land is secured, funds are ready and basic ideas/requirements are clear. A project brief will be appreciated.

Propose concept design and finalize concept drawings with the involvement of a local architect (To meet zoning/codes requirement).

Phase 2 Developed design


Construction docs

The selected concept design will be further developed including wall/roof/floor sections and details, other engineers will also be involved to make sure this will be ok to issue for permit purpose.

Engineering drawings and erection drawings would be finalized and ready for manufacturing & fabrication.

Phase 3 Production



The project schedule will be made. A kick off meeting will be held internally to make sure all the team have the mutual project target and timeline.
Phase 4 Shipping & Construction Shipping method would be specified and proper packing & loading plan would be scheduled. Optional site engineer service is also available to help the client

A consultant or expert is important if you are dealing with prefabricated building, make sure you are clear with the scope of work for your supplier from the design to supply and build, so you dont miss and run out of budget.

Once you start, bear in mind with the above mentioned stage, ask the right questions and get the right expectations for right answers. Then you would be able to tell whether the supplier is a good one or not.

Some suppliers tend to satisfy you with all efforts, however what the provided might mismatch your stage and they would definitely disappoint you in the end.

Choose the right supplier for prefabricated building might save you the most and keep you peace of mind for years.

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