Factors that will form exterior wall assembly

For prefabricated building, there might be quite a lot of factors for you to consider and form your exterior wall assembly.

Talk to an expert(architect, engineer or a consultant). get to discuss your finish requirement, functional requirement, and combined with local codes, budget, this should give you ideas of how they should be formed.

Generally, there are following factors to be considered:

  1. Cladding Boards:
    • fibercement board
    • OSB board/Plywood
    • ALC
    • other alternatives
  2. Finish
    • Render or similar finish
    • Metal cladding finish
    • Siding finish(timber siding or fibercement siding)
    • Brick finish
  3. Rain screen cavity
  4. Building paper
    • vapor barrier
    • Breathing paper
  5. Screw connection & types
    • Spacing of framing materials
    • wind load
    • Material manufacturer’s recommendation
    • Coating & anti-corrossion

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